The Cupcake

Let us enchant you with our amazing creations  made of natural products:

  • Classy nougat huddles against delicious fruit creams,
  • seductive chocolate casts a spell on crispy nuts and red cherries,
  • finest butter creams meet red wine,
  • delicate almond creations are waiting for bon vivants,
  • fresh crystallized fuits build the cupcake´s crown.

Wandmalerei: | Photo:

For every imaginable occasion:

  • as dessert
  • as bedtime sweet
  • as remedy
  • as reward
  • for your “cupcake” ;-)
  • for sweet rascals
  • as soulfood
  • to celebrate the day
  • to sweeten a celebration
  • as refreshment for Rudolph or the Easter bunny
  • to propose to your loved one
  • You can even try to allure the stork.
  • and, and, and…

…or simply just to please yourself…